Lifting Over 40


One on One and Small Group Coaching

Grow stronger spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically

Lose excess weight

Enjoy freedom fully

Accomplished through UNDERSTANDING THE LIES you have been told about food, exercise, emotions and resting (which do not work by design) and LEARNING WHAT ACTUALLY DOES WORK!




MY NAME IS Rebecca

This is me NOW however throughout my life I had tried MANY diet recommendations only to lose weight gain it back and then some. Then I took a break, decided to eat what I wanted, which I was scared would skyrocket my weight and I gained to and stayed around 165-172 lbs for many years which is too heavy for someone 5"2 tall. I chose this because I had given up on the insane diet yo-yo.

THEN my son encouraged me to lift weights and my world changed. I tried to lift on my own and discovered I knew nothing about squat, deadlift and other exercises, so I chose to seek help from people who had knowledge I needed which included hiring a wonderful trainer who became a dear friend.

I am a new person. God led me through this journey with amazing help and support from my son and friend. I learned a lot and lost over 40 lbs YES, while going through perimenopause. I was over 40 years old, actually over 50 when I changed.

Previous to coaching I worked as a chemical engineer (BSChE), obtained a Masters in Business (MBA) and Masters in Counselor Education (Med) and currently also an author working on the next book.



USA Powerlifting Gold Medalist

Winner of USA Powerlifting Gold Medal in RAW Competition

  • Women’s Masters 55-59 age group, 57kg (125 lbs) weight class

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MY Commitment

I want you to know, that its never too late. You can be stronger at all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It has been the most amazing journey to freedom and I would love to help facilitate your journey to freedom fully.

Come join me in a 3 step plan to go from heaviness to peace and live freedom fully. Think about how you want to be, get a picture in your mind and then take hold and we can walk, run and lift this together. It feels really good to get stronger. Remember joy is your strength, God is strong and He wants you strong.